A Poem for You

you-are-non-negotiableYou, are Non-Negotiable.

Your dreams, your passions, your greatest wishes and hopes are worthy of your undivided attention.

You do not need to apologize or make excuses for or procrastinate on or postpone that which You most desire.

You deserve to Live and Laugh and Love, fully. In a big way.

You, are Non-Negotiable.


You do not need to modify who You are or have discussions with yourself as to why you’re not good enough.

You are enough.  Always have been, always will be.

You are incomparably perfect, exactly as you are.

You, are Non-Negotiable.

You were lovingly given everything You need on the day your presence graced the earth.

You possess every gorgeous talent and every dewy drop of wisdom You will ever require to create magic and shine your brightest light.

You are not here to hide.  I see You.  We see You.

You, are Non-Negotiable.

You are so much stronger that You sometimes believe and your fear is nothing but a spec of floating dust.

You are brave.  So, incredibly brave.

You are ready.  So, incredibly ready.

And this Darling, is Your Time.

You, are Non-Negotiable.



10 Responses to A Poem for You

  1. Krista says:

    I absolutley LOVE this!!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing! I needed this today! 😉

  2. Beautiful poetry. a beautiful statement.

  3. Dianne Quan says:

    love this and SO TRUE!

  4. Ariana says:

    This is a big wow. Profoundly written. Thank you

  5. Kelly Culver says:

    Wonderful! Thank you.

  6. elsie thompson says:

    So awesome and it brings freedom to my soul. Thanks so much for reaching to empower others-like me.

  7. Kym Knebel says:

    We all need to hear this the moment we wake up and the moment before we got to sleep, with a few reminders in between! Odd reaction for me (since it does not happen all that often) but I got those things I like to call “spirit bumps”…the little tingle that’s sort of like “goosebumps” but isn’t a reaction to cold. Thanks for the poem and for who and what you are and do.

  8. Debbie MacGillivray says:

    Jackie this is such an inspiring and beautiful reminder. I have never really connected to the prayers I was taught as a child or any other time in my life but this one speaks to my soul. I will share this one with my kids and others. I will use this as my daily mantra. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem.

  9. Fenna says:

    Thank you so much for this poem. Wishing you much success as you move forward with your new journ

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