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stephen copeJackie  has identified the essence of yoga’s timeless program for creating the fully alive human being. The Yoga Code brings clarity and accessibility to an often arcane topic, and I believe all who participate in the program will be grateful for her inspiring work.

~ Stephen Cope, Senior Scholar in Residence at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Founder of The Institute for Extraordinary Living and best selling author



 The Yoga Code™ Life Coaching  is a ten week transformational program which combines the 10 Universal Principles of The Yoga Code™ with personalized guidance,  concrete action steps and an easy to follow blueprint detailing how you can take the next step toward a life filled with more peace, balance and joy.

Although these ancient life changing principles are the foundation of the program, each session is customized for YOU based on where you are in your life and where you want to go.

The Yoga Code™ Life Coaching program will not teach you how to create a flexible body or touch your head to the ground.

In fact, there will be NO PHYSICAL YOGA (although I strongly suggest you practice).

This program will teach you how to create a flexible heart and stretch out of your comfort zone (that’s where the magic is).

My amazing clients have spanned the globe from Canada to the USA,  France to New Zealand. With the brilliant technology of Skype, we can work together regardless of where you are in the world.


Ashley Turner Finally, someone is reclaiming the roots of yoga and emphasizing the power of its practical philosophy to transform lives! Jackie, herself, embodies yoga’s fusion of deep, profound wisdom and modern-day relevance. The result is a potent step-by-step guide to creating a life of vitality, joy and peace. ~  Ashley Turner, Yoga Teacher, Mind-Body Psychotherapist, Author


This program will be a fit for you if:

      • You’re ready. Really ready. Really, really ready to invest your time, money and energy into yourself
      • You’re going through an important life transition (career, relationships, parenting, spiritual)
      • You need accountability and a gentle “kick in the asana” to get you out of a rut
      • You want to boost your self-esteem and learn how to genuinely say, “I love myself” (and mean it)
      • You know you were meant to do something “more” and just can’t figure out what that is
      • You’re tired of  just “talking about it” and ready to take action towards your goals
      • You’re an entrepreneur and needing a boost of creative inspiration (and tips to maintain balance)
      • You want to reconnect with the “real you”  (or maybe discover who that really is)
      • You want more abundance in all areas: finances, health, career, spirituality, relationships
      • You’re tired of struggling and want to get out of the meaningless cycle
      • You want concrete tools that will empower you to create a purposeful, inspired and peaceful life
      • You want a step-by-step blueprint to follow and immediately implement in your life

This program might not be a fit for you if:

        • You’re not able or willing to invest time, money and energy into yourself.
        • You are working through serious mental health issues (please note that I am not a psychologist and coaching is very different from psychology)
        • You are resistant to change and unwilling to do the work necessary to create transformation


Trena The Yoga Code™ Life Coaching Program truly changed my whole world.  By incorporating the 10 Universal Principles into my life, I came to know so much more about myself and how to change what wasn’t working.

It’s so much more than a coaching program; it’s a life changing experience. Jackie helped me to realize where I wanted my life to go and gave me the inspiration, love and support that I needed. ~ Trena Marthaller


Here’s how we work together

The Yoga Code™ Life Coaching Program – Ten Weeks of Transformation

Here we go: You and Me—Hand in Hand—Partners in your transformation. We’ll roll up our sleeves and get down to work.  My role is to help you get unstuck, help you get clear, and to hold you accountable to the most important person in your life:  YOU.

Week 1:  We’ll dig deep to reveal your biggest blocks & gain clarity around your deepest desires. By exploring the first principle of The Yoga Code we’ll ensure your program foundation is built on a commitment to self-kindness and self-compassion.

Weeks 2 – 5:  We’ll explore principles 2-5 of The Yoga Code and  how you can immediately implement them to create change and awakening in every area of your life.  I’ll provide you with specific tools in each session based on your lifestyle and your goals.

Week 7-10:  There will be no sessions during this week so that you may integrate the principles, reflect on your progress and/or revise your initial goals (because sometimes our desires change, and that’s okay).

Weeks 7-10:  We’ll dive into principles 6-9 of The Yoga Code.  You’ll get even more tools to keep you moving forward.  It’s in these weeks we begin to see how all the principles weave together like a magical dance.

Week 11:  Bringing it all together.  In our final session we will explore the tenth and final principles of The Yoga Code and review your initial goals (and those you developed along the way) to ensure we’ve moved forward.  We’ll also look at any lingering blocks and dig into your Yoga Code toolbox to ensure you’ve got the resources you need for the next step.  And then – we celebrate! We’ll acknowledge your magnificent progress and wins along with your beautiful stumbles and falls – because they all matter.

The Yoga Code™ Life Coaching Program is unquestionably life shifting. Jackie can meditate, invigorate and motivate.  As a person who was searching for more meaning in life, the knowledge of the 10 Universal Principles was essential to my continued growth. The Yoga Code™ Life Coaching Program is dedicated to examining one principle during each session and discussing how to incorporate that principle into daily life situations.

During her teachings, Jackie tenderly coached me through many tearful and emotional calls, and many more happy and exciting ones! I have decided to start living the life I’d imagined and I know that Jackie will be there along the way to wholeheartedly inspire and assist me in reaching my goals. ~ Michelle Roussin


Your personal coaching program includes:

  • A total of 10 x 45 minute 1:1 sessions with me conducted over skype
  • Email and text support between sessions (for when you need a quick hit of encouragement)
  • Your own private forum to access our session notes
  • Personalized resources and tools from me (books to read, documentaries to watch, music to listen to)
  • Weekly Soul Assignments to help you apply and integrate the 10 Universal Principles into your daily life
  • A beautiful set of meditation beads from India
  • A full colour bookmark and poster outlining the 10 Universal Principles of The Yoga Code
  • Access to the Facebook group to connect with other Yoga Coders and receive support
  • Access to The Yoga Code Digital Program
  • A certificate of completion honouring you as a graduate of The Yoga Code™ Life Coaching program

Because I want to be fully available for you, I currently only work with 10 clients at a time.

** NEW: Small group coaching option also available. Limited space. Please inquire.


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