Hello and welcome, I’m Jackie. A writer, entrepreneur, and transformational leadership coach.
I combine the power of Eastern philosophy with the dynamic reality of our modern world for a unique, mind expanding coaching experience.
If you’re ready  (really ready) to make a shift in your life, career or business I invite you to connect and see if we’re a fit.



Join Jackie Dumaine for over 90 minutes of free training and learn how you can begin to immediately use the 10 Universal Principles of The Yoga Code in all areas of your life: Health, Relationships, Career, Finances, Parenting, Spirituality and more.

Get the tools you need for the change you want.


Get ready to discover the “other side” of yoga. The side you don’t learn about in modern day yoga studios.

The Yoga Code™ is a blueprint for creating a life with less drama and more peace.  You’ll discover the 10 Universal Principles of ancient yoga wisdom and how you can use them to immediately create extraordinary shifts in all areas of your life – money, career, health, family, relationships.

You won’t need a mat, or black stretchy pants.

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Does this sound familiar?

You're beginning to see the world in a new light. Something deep inside of you is shifting. This could be from starting a yoga practice, reading a spiritual book or connecting with an inspiring person. Whatever the reason, you can feel it and you're not quite sure what to do about it.

Others may see you as "having it all", but something is missing. You like nice things but understand that money doesn't buy happiness. You have a yearning to give back and make a difference. You struggle to find meaning in your career and/or life and wonder how much longer you can do this.

You're exhausted more than you want to be and overwhelmed more that you need to be.

You feel disconnected from your body and wonder where all of your energy went.

You feel confused. Like, really confused. All you want is for this madness to stop.

You're oh-so-ready to start a new chapter in your life – one that offers you adventure and joy. You know that a big life is waiting for you, but you need the courage to take the first step and a road map to keep you on the right path.

I understand you, I've been there (read my story) and I'm here to help.

Connect with me and let's begin The Yoga Code journey.

How Can I Help You?

I help women from around the world live an inspired and purposeful life with a process I call The Yoga Code™

What does this mean?

Well, it has NOTHING to do with touching your head to the ground or looking good in a pair of black stretchy pants.

In 2010 I left my corporate career as an advertising executive and traveled to India. While living in an ashram studying ancient yoga scriptures, I discovered 10 Universal Principles used by wise yogis and Indian sages to end a life of suffering  and create a life of freedom.

The Western concept of yoga is all about the postures and the body You know, Downward Dog, Warrior 1, Warrior 2 and all the stuff that comes in between.  The true meaning of living a yoga lifestyle however has very little to do with touching your head to your toes.

I recognized how this simple yet profound wisdom could help people "Wake Up" to the lives they were meant to live.  A life where you could wake up feeling inspired and fall asleep feeling joy.

I knew that I needed to bring this spiritual wisdom back home with me and teach it in a way that Westerners would understand.

From this experience, The Yoga Code™ was created:  a step-by-step process where the 10 Universal Principles of yoga philosophy are revealed to teach you how they can help create huge shifts in all areas of your life.  Spiritual, Family, Health, Relationships, Career, Business, Finances.

It has worked for me and I know it can work for you.

You already have all the answers inside of you. (you know this, right?)

Here's how you can work with me:

1. The Yoga Code™ Life Coaching Program:  You and Me.  Hand in Hand. A 12 week transformational journey where dig deep to rediscover your Self - the REAL You.. Using the 10 Universal Principles of The Yoga Code™ we'll create your own blueprint to living with more Peace, Balance & Joy in all areas of your life.  We'll also explore what makes you light up, what your passions are and how you can design a life you love. Coaching can be done from anywhere in the world via Skype.

2. The Yoga Code™ Workshop: Join me for a full day of interaction and connection.  This experiential workshop will introduce you to the 10 Universal Principles of yoga philosophy and how they can be specifically applied to create lasting transformation.   You'll leave with a blueprint to start living with less drama and more joy.

3.  Weekend Retreats:  The Weekend of Awakening is a experience you will never forget.  You'll join 15 other women on a weekend of self-discovery, yoga, nutritious food, a little vino and a whole lot of laughter.   All set in a cedar lodge, nestled in the Rocky Mountains.  Yes, it is pure bliss.

4. Yoga Class:  If you live in Calgary or are ever visiting this wonderful city, please allow me to guide you through a yoga class.  Strengthen your body, your mind and your spirit.  An inspirational experience.  (and please, stay afterward and say hello!)

If you'd like to learn how this ancient philosophy has changed my life (and how it can change yours) please connect with me for your complimentary Wake Up Call.  We'll explore if working together would be a good fit to help you reach your goals.

To learn how The Yoga Code™ has helped others  find balance, happiness and "get unstuck", click here.

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