The Healing Needle

Yesterday evening I had my first acupuncture treatment with Cam at Premasai Wholistic Living.  (you’re receiving this blog post in the morning, however I’m writing it just 2 hours after my treatment, sitting by a crackling fire with a hot cup of rose petal tea).

It will be difficult to put into words what I learned from this experience. Not difficult because I lack the vocabulary to describe it, but because this magical treatment nudged me into a state of reflection – about who I am and where I am in this stage of my life.

Cam sat with me patiently as I candidly described my physical and emotional symptoms: Frequent headaches/migraines behind my right eye, intense neck pain at base of my skull on the right side, random blurred vision, changes in body temperature (always cold), sudden inexplainable weight gain & water retention, brain fog, lethargy and general lack of energy, scatteredness (yes, it’s a word), confusion, overwhelm and crying spells.  As I described my list of ailments, he placed tiny seeds in my ears and instructed me to stimulate them over the next 48 hours. (sorry, I can’t explain this one – you’ll have to see him to understand this).

Before the first needle even penetrated my skin, he knew what my body & spirit were experiencing and where my energy was being blocked by a concrete barricade.  I couldn’t help but think that if I were at my medical doctors office I would most likely already have a prescription for an anti-depressant in my hand.

Thank you, Eastern Medicine.

I’m not sure how many needles were placed into me, but with each one he learned a little more about me – and in turn, I learned a little more about myself.  Truth was being exposed.  I had no idea so much could be revealed from a few pin pricks.

I barely felt the pointy stainless steel objects piercing me (I’ve had a child, laser hair removal and a tattoo  (or two) – not sure you can get any more painful that that!).

Confession: I did feel the last needle. On the top of my left foot. Yeah, I felt that one. A lot.  “I save the best for last” were his exact words.   Thanks Cam.

After he had placed them into me, a set of headphones were gently placed over my ears. Hypnotic sounds began to flow through my blood.  He dimmed the lights and then, he left.

And then, I left.  

I left my body, I left that building, I left this city. I went on a dream-state journey of self-discovery & exploration.  I saw images that made me smile, memories that appeared out of no where and visions of people from my past, present and future.   Questions that had been swirling in my mind were answered.  Clarity surrounding difficult situations was achieved.

Powerful.  Emotional.  Cleansing. 


I was slightly startled when he came back into the room about 30 minutes later.  He asked about my experience and I shared what I was comfortable sharing and held back what I wasn’t ready to disclose.

As I lay there peaceful and motionless, I asked him:  “When will you remove the needles?”

“I already did.”   Was his response.

It is now 7:56pm.  Three hours post-treatment.  I’m shutting down my laptop and for the rest of the evening, I will be nurturing my liver and healing my root chakra.

It’s time to leave the insecurities of 2012 behind and move into 2013 with strength and confidence.

It’s time to re-build my foundation.

Have you ever had an acupuncture treatment?

What was your experience and what did you learn about your Self?

I invite you to share your thoughts below.

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  1. Elissa Scott says:

    I get acupuncture every week! First time I had it was in India in 2007. Love it and what a great support to a yoga practice. The ear seeds are great, so are the little metal fish hooks, the gua-sha massage, the ointments and cupping. Completely balanced my yin- strengthens my organs and nourishes my blood. I get what you mean when a movie of your life swirls before your eyes… XO

  2. Shauna says:

    Jackie, I am an RHN, registered holistic nutritionist, and FDN, functional diagnostic nutritionist — your symptoms are classic thyroid symptoms — I don’t know if anyone in your family has thyroid issues, but they tend to run through the female side of the family, i.e,, mothers, aunts, sisters, etc. — on the nutrition side, I would caution you against raw brassica vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, etc.) as they can suppress thyroid function (lightly steam instead) and also against any soy — soy in particular is goitrogenic and suppresses the thyroid. Also, I would recommend you get a full thyroid panel done by your doc, (TSH, FT3, FT4 and TPO – thyroid antibodies). Healing thoughts your way! Namaste!

  3. Christine says:

    Jackie, I LOVE acupuncture. I’ve been going for the past 9 years and I know it has healed me many times over. It opens up all those emotional blocks that eat away at our energy reserves. Initially I went for infertility and then 6 months later, I was going for support during my breast cancer treatments. It’s helped me during my incredibly nauseous pregnancy and when my brother was diagnosed with cancer. I see Alice Wong here in Calgary….she’s an amazing healer that I trust completely. I wrote more about my acupuncture journey here.

    Am so happy for you that you’ve discovered the healing of acupuncture. It’s truly a sacred time on the table.

    Happy healing.

  4. Christine Allard says:

    So wonderful! Thanks for sharing your experience ~ the first time I had acupuncture (nearly 15 years ago for muscle spasms in my back) it was similar to your experience … tears started flowing like someONE just opened the taps & after about 15 minutes of that, the out of body floating occured! I agree with what Shauna says (above) about getting your thyroid panel run by your physician or endocrinologist, but I also believe in the power of physical healing through Spiritual practices; I have Addison’s Disease and hypothyroidism but have been able to reduce my Prednisone, Florinef and Synthroid usage through Theta healing, daily yoga and meditation. Yes, I still see my endocrinologist once every year for bloodwork and she is very happy with how I’m maintaining on low doses compared to what was required initially. Best wishes to you as you journey through these discoveries~

  5. Michelle says:

    Booked, thanks for sharing your experience!

  6. Cindy says:

    Oh yeah….my very first accupunture treatment was in the basement of a chinese doctor and I was seeing him for foot pain. He put a few needles in my knees, leg and I think my foot and left me in the room where within a few minutes tears started to roll down my face as I began to feel the loss of my father who had passed away some 15 years earlier. I found that soooo interesting. I was there for foot pain, yet the emotional loss of my father surfaced. Hmmmm.

  7. Eva says:

    I see Cam as well! :) He is amazing! Acupuncture is amazing. I have been going for over a year or so and it has honestly changed my life in so many ways. I am actually signed up for your Yoga Code class next Sunday and was just in with Cam on Friday and happened to mention it to him. He knew exactly what course I was talking about ans said that he treated you and that we are very similar in our constitutions, (apparently both strong liver women haha) and he said that I will absolutely love you. Excited to meet you, take your workshop and maybe chat about acupuncture sometime! :)

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