Whenever I begin to doubt myself and my vision (in other words, forget to believe), I simply need to read the numerous emails and sweet love notes I receive from workshop & retreat participants, coaching clients, colleagues and yoga students.  Their words inspire me to continue along my path and remind me that I have found my purpose.

(and yes, there are days when I forget to believe – after all, I’m human)

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Ken Bio Pic 2010I recommend Jackie Dumaine unconditionally. She is an intuitive leader who realizes the gift of teaching as a calling from the heart. She is dedicated to guiding her clients, yoga students, and workshop participants to realize their full potential. She brings talent, passion and poetry to her work in ways that help people to claim their own dreams and purpose in the world.

Jackie informs, inspires and supports people on journeys of self-discovery and inner exploration. Her commitment to her own self-development is a priority. She keeps informed on current trends, so her information is always up to date and useful. She is a self-starter who inspires people with her contagious enthusiasm. And, in the best tradition of a caring facilitator, she continues to improve the ways she supports people before, during and after her on-site programs.

Ken NelsonFounding Director, Powerful Workshops & Senior Teacher, Kripalu Centre for Yoga & Health

tadJackie is the real deal. In a world where lots of people pose and posture as if they’ve got the goods, Jackie does. Her integrity is impeccable and her commitment to living and exploring the principles she teaches is remarkable. She’s solid. She’s got substance. She fills any room she walks into with good energy and has an incredible capacity to appreciate, love and enjoy people. I’m consistently inspired by her.

Tad HargraveMarketing for Hippies

My journey with The Yoga Code program began in January.  By the time our first session came around I was going through a severe personal crisis.  I felt as though I didn’t want to “waste” the program since everything I did and my whole outlook was tinged by what I was going through in my personal life, but decided to proceed anyway and be open to the process.

I truly enjoyed Jackie’s compassionate and inspiring way, she truly teaches from the heart.

Working with the spiritual teachings of The Yoga Code, Jackie helped me work through my stuff as it came up.  Now that the program is completed I look back and I know that I progressed through my personal trauma with much more grace and poise then I could have ever imagined.   Learning tools and implementing The Yoga Code principles into my everyday life didn’t just help me grow on a spiritual level, but it also helped me grow my business, (which is now more successful then it has ever been.).

This program is everything I had hoped for and much more than that.  What I learned has already become part of my life, organically, and I am very grateful for the experience and everything Jackie gave me through The Yoga Code.

Claudia Paru RicheyWellness Pro Integrated Health & Ayurveda

My journey with The Yoga Code began in the Winter of 2012.  I had been to many of Jackie’s yoga classes and workshops and believed (and still do) that if her words and wisdom could be put into water there would be world peace.  I wanted to find peace and happiness in my life, and I knew The Yoga Code was a perfect fit.

I thought that my life was without purpose and I thought that finding it would fix everything. 

Honestly, I was so nervous our first session.  I felt like I was an open book, a good person, and that I had a pretty amazing life.  I worried that Jackie wouldn’t be able to help me.  I worried that I was asking for too much.  I worried that maybe I wasn’t supposed to figure it out.  By the end of our first session my worries were gone, I felt hopeful, and my goal felt attainable.

After my first session of starting to apply The Yoga Code principles, I started to notice changes. 

I remember making a cup of coffee for myself one afternoon and getting such pleasure from drinking it.  Not just the taste of the coffee in my mouth, but the act itself brought a smile to my face.  I was noticing things that I hadn’t before.

As I learned each principle of The Yoga Code,  I came to the realization that I wanted more from life.  I wanted more for myself.

I was happier.

I was dreaming again.

The Yoga Code  was working.

About two weeks after having major surgery, through no choice of my own, a bomb went off in my life.  Everything in my life was changing.  Everything that I loved and cherished was gone.  I felt like I was on a ship lost at sea in the worst storm EVER.  After one session with Jackie, I knew that she had climbed on board with me to help me navigate the rough waters in my life.

I wasn’t alone.

As the weeks passed, I was faced with questions that I wasn’t ready to deal with.  It started to get harder to hear Jackie’s voice in between sessions.

Jackie intuitively knew when I was lost and reached out to me in those moments.

The Yoga Code challenged me to dig deeper. 

The Yoga Code  gave me new perspective.

The Yoga Code helped me find the answers. 

After working with Jackie and the 10 Universal Principles of The Yoga Code,  I was able to admit that I had been keeping a secret from myself.  I wasn’t living a life that I wanted.  Now I have butterflies in my stomach when I think about my life, like with new love.

I’m in love with my life and I have The Yoga Code to thank!

Melissa InksterCEO of My LIfe
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