In the third grade, I was the emcee for my school’s Christmas concert, and according to my mom, I was so intent on speaking that they had to pull the microphone away from me.

Where do I speak?

Colleges, schools, yoga studios, corporations, non-profits, and private events. Regardless of who I’m speaking to, my platform always revolves around teaching others to realize their own true potential and it’s my passion to wake people up to the life that is ready and waiting for them.

Speaking Topics Include:

  • The Yoga Code: Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World
  • Intuition & Courage: What it Takes to Create a Life You Love
  • Work-Life Balance: Defining What it Means to You
  • Navigating Change with Inspired Action
  • Custom presentations based on the specific needs of your group or organization

For inquiries about hiring me to speak at your event, retreat or function please contact me at: jackie@jackiedumaine.com


Denise Pelletier

Jackie has this incredible ability—she can convey her message in such a way that all who are present can understand and relate to it!

When we invited Jackie to speak to the Shell Canada Human Resources community last year, we had no idea just how many gems our staff would be able to take away. For me it helped to change my mindset that the elusive work/life balance is achievable and is a personal choice. And I keep the Six Pillars of Work/Life Balance up on the wall by my desk to remind me of this!

Listening to Jackie speak made me even more aware that finding the right balance is a continual journey—I’ve been working through my limiting beliefs for a few years now and know just how hard is can be to change that mindset. So it was great to hear Jackie say that there will be moments where we slip up, yet we all have the ability to get back on the right track—finding the right balance is a choice, one that we all can make!

Jackie demonstrated her own vulnerability and shared how she learned the importance of having a work/life balance after spending more time looking at her Blackberry than watching her son’s sporting events. And as much as I’d like to think I am always in the now, hearing this was a great reminder on just how easy we can mix the two.

And when it comes to the Shell Canada Human Resources staff, many have referenced specifics from Jackie’s talk—so I know what she shared resonated with them and it is nice to see them even now still referring to things she discussed!

~ Denise Pelletier, Human Resources Manager, Shell Canada

I was so thrilled when Jackie Dumaine said yes to being a speaker at our Women Embracing Brilliance Event. Her calm and sincere presence and attitude towards life is a gift that makes her a joy to be around. As she shared her message that security can only come from within, I could see that all the women were listening intently to every word of wisdom Jackie expressed. She had everyone at hello.

~ Karen Klassen, Founder – Women Embracing Brilliance

I had the distinct pleasure of first meeting Jackie Dumaine in March of 2010. I was the current President of EWI (Executive Women International), Calgary Chapter and had just received a call that our speaker for the evening was sick and had to cancel. Panic struck! We had approximately 60 women attending our dinner meeting at the Calgary Marriott that evening. What to do?

I walked out of my office, trying to keep my cool. In the lobby was our October Speaker, I told him what had happened and what a predicament we were in. He said, “Hang on, I’ll make a phone call.” And like magic, we had a speaker only we didn’t know much about her—who she was, what was her story, etc.

Well, there is no such thing as coincidences! We were so fortunate to have Jackie speak at out meeting that evening! She was honest, sincere and spoke from her heart. She told her story of following her heart, and shared her realization and “awakening.”

Jackie indeed inspired us all—she was riveting. In fact because of her inspirational evening, EWI gained new interest, new members and a new friend. I would highly recommend Jackie to any group! We were all SO inspired!

Brenda Davidson, Past President of Executive Women International & DOSM Carriage House Inn