Have you lost your passion for life?

Close your eyes for a moment. Feel into your body.

Take three deep breaths, then answer the following questions as honestly as you can.

  • Has the hectic pace of life taken over the soft, beautiful essence of what makes you a woman?
  • Are you ignoring the deepest desires of your soul because you’re too busy taking care of others (or afraid to take the first step?)
  • Do you forget what it feels like to be passionate, confident and sensual?
  • Are you exhausted from trying to “figure yourself out” and have stopped having fun?

If you answered yes to any of these, please know that I understand.

Last year I found myself living a life I no longer resonated with.  At times it felt like I was living a double life, hiding the things that lit me up out of fear it didn’t fit my “brand” and the person most people thought me to be.

The moment I began to express myself in a way that felt real and true to my soul, life became more colourful. More beautiful. More, sensual.

As women, when we lose touch with our sensual nature our energy begins to harden. As a result, life starts to feel hard and I know that’s not how you want life to feel.

I know you want life to feel confident, sexy, passionate and fulfilling. You want more adventure and a little mystery. You crave more fun, laughter and meaningful conversations.

I want you to have all of this too and it’s why I was inspired to create a unique experience that will allow you to indulge your senses and empower your soul.

You can learn all about it here:


Take a moment to explore this page and let me know how it feels to you. Imagine yourself in the experience and what it would be like to let your inhibitions go and express yourself in the way that YOU want to.

Then come back to this email, hit reply and let me know what came up.  I would love to hear what the whispers are saying.


Big hug,


Why sticking with commitments can be hard

Music was always a big part of my life as a young girl/teen. My innate ability to hear a song on the radio then immediately learn it on my own used to frustrate my music teacher (who wanted me to practice “his” music).

A few months ago, I began to miss how it felt to create music and caught myself mourning “what could have been” had I only stuck with it – until it dawned on me that I was still very much alive and could begin again.

And so, I did.

Piano lessons have taught me a few things: It seems my hands and my brain don’t always like to play nice. Yet my hands and my heart are a perfect pair (grateful for a teacher who applauds creative improvisation). I’ve also learned that the moment my fingers touch the keys, nothing else exists and I enter into a musical meditation.   (more…)

For the woman who gave me life

I wasn’t even able to finish writing the title of this note without tears flooding my eyes. I have no idea what I’m going to write and I prefer it that way, something will come and I know the words live in these tears (which are now streaming steady).

Tears of gratitude, guilt, pride and so much love.


What I remember: A mother who was always there for me. Home cooked meals on the table even though she was working full time (I will never forget the shiny orange wallpaper in our dining room where we sat as a family). The house was always clean. Home baked birthday cakes every single year. Her chocolate cake was and still is, the best. Her presence at my soccer, badminton and volleyball games, and every single Christmas concert. Driving me into the city each week for swimming lessons, music lessons and modelling class (my claim to fame – having my 15 year old butt on a Levi’s jeans billboard). She was there as I held my son in my arms for the first time. I was 19, but didn’t feel scared, because she was by my side. She was there when I weeped with a shattered and broken heart. I was 42, but didn’t feel unloved, because she was by my side. (more…)

Money, Freedom and Croissants

I get it.

I really  do.

You want financial abundance and the time in your busy schedule to experience the many adventures life has to offer. But if you’re waiting for your bank account or your calendar to give you the green light, you’re missing out on a whole lot of life.

Although you may not be able to hop on a flight to Paris tonight to let your romantic heart roam, you can certainly visit a local French café and nibble on a croissant while reading tales from the extraordinary love affair between Anaïs Nin and Henry Miller. (I’ve done it, and it’s an exquisite way to spend an afternoon). (more…)

How to start loving your body right now

With spring in the air and summer around the corner, messages on how to get the perfect beach body are everywhere. The assumption seems to be that over the course of the winter months, we’ve all become gigantic horrible monsters who shouldn’t even dream of stepping into the sunlight until we drop a few pounds and tighten up our precious assets.

I used to buy into those messages every single year. I bought the magazines (all of them) while waiting in the supermarket checkout line with my forty pound basket full of lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

I would meticulously create workout and diet plans, cancelling any kind of social activity that would get in the way of my frantic and masochistic quest to develop a lean and toned body. (more…)

I’ve Got Spring Fever

Spring Fever is described as: a feeling of restlessness and excitement felt at the beginning of spring.

It’s a time to shed the old and make way for the new. New beginnings, new projects, new opportunities, new habits, new lovers (unless you’re still pleasantly aroused by the old one) new perspectives and of course, new cute spring shoes.

I certainly felt the newness of fresh energy on Sunday when I went for my first official trail run of the season to celebrate spring’s arrival (I’ll admit, I should have waited – slipping on a leftover winter ice patch wasn’t exactly fun).

I’m currently coming out of a marathon week of content writing, strategic organizing and creative planning (and it won’t be ending anytime soon!). The creator in me loves this kind of intensity.

A lot is happening with my business and The Yoga Code this year and I wanted to give you a little glimpse into what’s to come: (more…)

a-year-ago-today-sweetness-burnedOne year ago today. January 12th, 2015.

With my suitcase packed and passport in hand, I made my way to the airport.

After an unexpected and bitter sweet goodbye embrace, it was time.

Time to go.

Heart Trembling.

Excited. Sad. Emotional. Scared. Confident. Unsure. Ready. 

I don’t think there was a single feeling in the entire human existence that I didn’t connect with.

Within hours I was boarding a flight to Amsterdam where I would explore the city, facilitate The Yoga Code workshop at a local yoga studio and connect with an amazing woman who would become a soulmate-past-life-sister-friend.

One week later, I strapped up my seat belt on another flight, this time to India, where I spent five weeks in an ashram doing a whole lot of chanting, meditating, philosophy studying, chai sipping, thinking, crying, laughing and of course, yoga.

On my last evening, I would find myself post motorcycle ride perched high up on a hill overlooking the twinkling evening lights of Rishikesh reflecting against the Ganges River, engaged in a deep conversation about life, love, family and freedom (while sipping on a somewhat illegal bottle of Kingfisher).  (more…)

two-years-freedom-body-loveToday is an incredibly special day for me.

A day that symbolizes freedom, strength, joy and above all, massive amounts of self-love.

A day that brings up mixed emotions as I remember how captive I once was, trapped in a prison of self-loathing and irrational beliefs.

It’s also a day that I hope every single woman (and man) on the planet will experience at some point in their life.

Exactly two years ago today, on December 16th 2013, I tossed my bathroom scale into a big black trash bag.

It would be the last time I would ever step foot on a scale. (more…)

truth-tellers-wantedEvery Monday evening, my son comes over for our weekly dinner date. I feed his 6’1” frame a hearty home cooked meal with plenty of leftovers for him to take home, of course.

It’s a night I look forward to with anticipation not only because I miss him dearly but also because I truly enjoy his company and the conversations that go way deeper than the typical “how’ve you been?”.

Recently, he shared his views and thoughts on false flag operations, politics, religion, corruption in our food supply, new world order, money and power.

I asked him: “Why are you so interested in all of this stuff?”

His response: “Because I don’t want to be ignorant. It’s important to know everything from all sides so that you can be informed and see the real truth, not just what the media wants you to see. Most of the media is whack Mom. Totally whack”. (more…)

why-you-will-never-find-your-true-self-2“I just want to find my True Self”

Do these words sound familiar?

If so, I’m asking – no, begging you – to end the madness of this elusive search.


Because your “One” True Self doesn’t exist.

Your Multiple True Selves however, are alive and kicking.

We are multidimensional human beings and too many of us are buying into the noisy spiritual-inspirational chitter-chatter suggesting that there is one single truth that we should be searching for and ultimately, find.

We’ve been fooled into believing that if we don’t find this all mighty magical truth, our lives will be weighed down by a dark haze of confusion and misaligned identity.

I used to buy into this myth.

I used to believe there was something wrong with me for being inspired by and attracted to a variety of experiences, people, things, and pleasures.

I used to punish myself for not knowing what my ultimate truth was (believing that once I found it my life would suddenly be free of all conflict and drama).

I’m not buying into this anymore .

At the beginning of the month I was a guest speaker at an event featuring Marianne Williamson, a woman whose incredible work has been a part of my life for almost twenty years.  I had the opportunity to personally thank her for the impact she had on my life at a time when there wasn’t the plethora of spiritual mentors and so-called gurus we can find online today.

In those moments with Marianne and also on stage sharing The Yoga Code, I was living My Truth.

A few days later, I traveled to Toronto to engage in a collaborative brainstorm session to strategize the next evolution my business.  After a green vegan lunch, we drove to an orchard outside of the city and allowed our creative juices to flow freely. Wrapped in shawls and sweaters and barefoot in the grass, we burned our old stories, smudged the old goop away and stared up at the stars. I fell asleep that night listening to a deep chakra clearing meditation.

In those moments, with a belly full of kale and dirty feet, I was living My Truth.

On my final evening we went out to celebrate our collaborative efforts. Wearing sequins, leather, stilettos and red lipstick, I slid into the cab thinking about the various layers of my life. Within moments of walking into the restaurant, I found myself as a spontaneous guest at a dinner with cast members from the television show, Suits.  Sipping on bourbon we discussed life, relationships, parenthood and what it means to be a spiritual woman in a modern world.

In those moments, with slinky sequins hugging my body and the warmth of bourbon swimming in my veins, I was living My Truth.

On the morning of my flight home, savouring a peameal bacon brioche sandwich (no longer vegetarian) along with a strong café and a smile on my face, I thought to myself:

This is my life.

I get to define what truth looks like to me (and so do you)
I get to define what feels and tastes good to me (and so do you)
I get to define what experiences are inspiring to me (and so do you)
I get to define what being “Spiritual” means to me (and so do you)

And I get to decide when to change some, none or all of it (and so do you)

I am no longer searching for my one True Self but am rather accepting (with wide open arms) the beautiful fact that I have multiple True Selves.

And I’m going to love each and every one of them with passion and gusto.

I invite you to do the same.